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FIFA Mobile is a free-to-play soccer game developed by Electronic Arts for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and PC where players can build, manage, and lead their own soccer team in matches. It has been completely optimized and designed with the mobile player in mind, giving you the ultimate soccer experience on the go! You'll come for the exciting soccer action, but stay for the daily content!


Massive Roster: A roster of over 17,000 players from over 650 real teams in 30 different leagues will allow you to manage the exact team of your liking!

Championships: Put your skills to the test in inter-league championships, or play in League vs. League tournaments and play against some of the best players from around the globe.

Community: Chat with other players and send them gifts. Don't just play the game, but get the chance to partake in a soccer community.

Daily Content: Enjoy new, live content on a daily basis in a game that strives to be as up-to-date with the soccer world as possible.

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  • FIFA Mobile Launch Trailer

    The worlds most popular sport league is now available on the go with FIFA Mobile!

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