First Assault

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    Shooter, Sci-Fi

First Assault (Ghost in the Shell Online) is an upcoming free to play MMOFPS being developed by NEXON for PC where players can fight as an augmented soldier in a dystopian future, based on the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex manga and anime. Hard-training has resulted in your exceptional combat skill-set, but you won't want to take on your enemies all on your lonesome. You will need to work with your team as well to decimate your enemies on the front lines of this cyberpunk world.


SkillSync Combos: Activate SkillSync combos with your team to strike fear into your foes' hearts with how ruthless your team really is.

Advanced Skills: Use the skills you have mastered like controlling robots and utilizing arm turrets to bring down your enemies.

Different Characters: Seven playable characters from Section 9 are available for you to use.

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