Flamefrost Legacy

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    Epic Dragon

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    2.5D/2D Fantasy, Free To Play, Fantasy, Strategy

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Flamefrost Legacy is a free to play d20-inpsired isometric turn-based browser MMORPG developed by Epic Dragon that can be played on nearly any device with an Internet browser. In Flamefrost Legacy players can create their own character from one of four different races and one of three different classes, each having their own drawbacks and benefits. Through these characters players will interact with the world by roleplaying with fellow players, getting into strategic, turn-based battles, and crafting exciting gear. With your favorite device in-hand and a fantastical world for you to explore, Flamefrost Legacy will have you yearning for more of this D&D fan-created experience.


Travel Mode: Use Travel Mode to traverse large regions quickly while taking part in some exciting roleplay with NPCs, other players, and crafting elements.

Unique Items: Flamefrost Legacy contains more than 50,000 unique in-game items that can be looted, crafted, or purchased.

Dynamic Trade System: Every merchant has their own independent stock of items that will refresh every few hours and can even be depleted by other players!

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