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Forged Battalion is a buy-to-play sci-fi strategy game developed by Petroglyph for PC and is available on Steam Early Access. In Forged Battalion is is towards the end of the 21st century and the world has been consumed with the devastating effects of climate change. With a new military force called The Collective on the rise the world is less safe than ever. It is now up to you to join the resistance, fight back against the collective with your military prowess, and restore some sense of balance to the world again!


Faction Customization: Customize your faction right down to the weapons each of your units have to ensure you can counter any sort of situation your enemies throw at you.

Tech Tree: Make use of a deep Tech Tree that allows for research into archetypes, armors, locomotors, weapons, and special abilities!

Campaign or Multiplayer: Fight through a Campaign where you will have to deal with The Collective or jump into online matches and test your skills against other players.

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