Fork Parker’s Crunch Out

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    Mega Cat Studios

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Cut costs, and if need be throats, to make your game development studio into the #1 provider of digital entertainment in Fork Parker's Crunch Out, created by Mega Cat Studios. This tongue in cheek title is a collaboration between Mega Cat, Devolver Digital, and the Take This charity organization in order to help raise awareness of and combat mental health issues as well as the unhealthy practice of placing 'crunch deadlines' on employees in the game development industry.


Help Charity: Publishers Devolver Digital will donate 100% of their profits to Take this.

Game dev Tycoon: Plays like a game dev tycoon with less than ethical, but funny, practices. Even death is no escape for your workers. You know how to take care of that sort of laziness.

Mini Games: Deal with additional obstacles, like a nagging wife who wants to go on vacation, or an internet that blows up from overuse.

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