Formula Fusion

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    R8 Games

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Formula Fusion is an anti-gravity racing game that mixes F1 style racing with stunning environments and a kick-ass soundtrack.


Over a dozen tracks: 21 tracks span seven visually stunning themed environments, plus the Main Stadium battle arena.

Multiple Play Methods: Play solo or multiplayer, split-screen or competitive.

Customize Your Race: Build your own team, create your own skins, and put in your own custom music.

Backed By Professionals: Real world sponsorships, a universe built by The Designers Republic, and a soundtrack featuring Dub FX, CoLD SToRAGE and more.

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Game Videos

  • Formula Fusion: Pre-Launch Footage/Price

    On June 1st, Formula Fusion goes live! We have some pre-launch footage for you to feast your eyes on!

  • Formula Fusion Trailer

    Hype Engines engage! Formula Fusion's almost here! Arriving on June 1st, 2017, get ready for this anti-grav racing game!

  • Formula Fusion: Early Access Montage 01

    A high-speed montage of Formula Fusion is live! Check out what you can expect in the early access!

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