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Atorian is a free to play space strategy browser game. You do not need to download any extra software to play, just login on the website and begin the exciting experience of having your very own Atorian Empire to control.

Atorian is constantly live and never stops running. Thousands of players from all around the world take part in battles, diplomacy, research, economy, politics, ship designs, intelligence and much, much more.

When you join Atorian you will be Emperor of one of the many empires exercising control in our universe. Your job as leader of your empire is to be the best, or one of the best. To do this you will need to expand your empire.

You start off with one planet which is your home world. From there you can explore or attack other empires to gain more planets. The more planets you have the more resources your empire makes. There are four resources in total (Credit, C-Fusion, Metals and Ziton) and with these resources you can build more ships, research new technologies or develop new infrastructures. All of these things will help your empire grow.

There are other aspects to Atorian other than growth. Your empire is situated in a sector of space, along with other empires in your sector. It is up to you if you attack or ally with your sector members. You can contact your sector members, and as leader of your empire you are also a member of your sectors council, here you can discuss diplomatic, politic and military matters.

The Atorian Universe awaits you.

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