Foundations of Hope Online

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    Lethal Games Corporation

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    Windows, Mac

Foundations of Hope Online is one of the first Christian 3D MMORPGs to provide a Christian-acceptable*(but not preachy) virtual world for gamers. Based on the Foundations of Hope Trilogy books series, the game takes place four hundred years in the future of North America. Sun storms continuously bombard the Earth wiping away technology and setting civilizations back to medieval-like times. Dragons have returned from a time of old, and an intelligent lizard species from within the Earth now wages war upon the humans.

Foundations of Hope Online will provide gamers the choice of playing as a Human, Saurian, or Dragon with the choice of PvE or RvR. Most of the upper world is RvR while each realm will have its own PvE zones. For PvE, Humans have Spiritual Warfare zones, Saurians have underground SciFi zones, and Dragons have underground cave system zones.

Foundations of Hope Online implements an aging system that allows the players to grow and age every 10 levels. Example: Dragons start as hatchlings and age to adults. Other features includes thousand of craftable items, mounted combat(ground and air), character customization(skin tones, stature, and heights), auction system, ability to have Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary classes, and much more. The game design is to allow solo play, but more XP is given if grouped.

Because of the target audience(Christian teens), the technical specs have been purposely focused for low-end video card performance. Options for turning on shaders in the same client are available for higher end machines. Currently there is only a PC version, but a Mac client is planned for the future.

A purchasable game expansion is planned for each Earth continents to add new race/profession options to each Realm, to add new zones, skills, classes, quests, and more.

A fully playable Free client will be available as well as a one-time Premium version purchase. Premium players will have access to all races and items. No monthly fees.

*The Humans use Gifts from God instead of magic, and Saurians and Dragons use mental abilities. Humans are the only realm to have Biblical references. There also is censored/monitored chat to provide safe environment for teens.

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