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Fractured is afantasy MMORPG developed by Dynamight Studios for PC. In Fractured players can experience a vast, sandbox-oriented, open world with fully interactive environments. Right from the beginning you can jump into the fray, defeating enemies with both skill and intelligence instead of equipment and level. Gather resources along the way, craft, trade, and start a settlement with your guild or lone wolf it. There are tons of different ways to play, all of which you can experience!


Three Races: Are you a Human, Beastman, or Demon? Each race has its own priorities and personality, so choose wisely with who you want to become!

Crafting Focus: Every item in Fractured is crafted by the players. This puts a huge emphasis on the economy of the game and eliminate ridiculous RPG clichés like finding broadswords on dead wolves.

Dynamic Universe: Interactive environments means you can do things like animate natural waters to protect you and freeze them to cross gaps.

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  • What is Fractured Online?

    The Closed Beta is coming on April 6, 2022! The CEO of Dynamight Studios, Jacopo Pietro Gallelli is here to explain in 14 minutes what Fractured Online

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