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    Above and Beyond Technologies

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    Sci-Fi, Shooter

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Fragmented is a buy to play survival MMO with a science fiction flair developed by Above and Beyond Technologies for PC and it is available for purchase on Steam. In Fragmented players find themselves stranded on a hostile alien planet where they must fight for the survival of humanity. With only your fists, wits, and fragments of knowledge at your disposal the odds are certainly against you. Are you resourceful enough to fend off whatever this foreign planet has to throw at you, or will you succumb to its dangerous creatures and the elements?


Harvest Resources: Different types of resources are available for you on this new planet. Harvest as many as you can to create better tools and weapons.

Crafting and Building: Craft different types of weapons and armors to help you fend off any threats and construct buildings to keep you safe.

Rulesets: Servers can have different rulesets that put focus on PvP or PvE elements in the game.

Server Hosting: Host your own servers to change the game world to your liking by altering experience gained, thirst/hunger levels, mob difficulties and more!

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