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In the future, no longer will athletic competitions be focused on physical prowess. Rather, they will be focused on proper planning and strategies within the minds of only two single human opponents in conflict. In the future, there will be no need for an all-star lineup of Tom Bradys or Peyton Mannings, as robotic beings will be able to recreate their best plays with the click of a button. In the future, everything will be blue, shiny and covered in chrome. Welcome to the world of Frozen Endzone, a sports game hybrid controlled by turn-based strategy that will test your ability to stay two steps ahead of your foes.


Detailed Team Planning: Fine-tune every element of each play from run speed to zone coverage and even fiddle with potential defensive/offensive combinations the enemy might use to counter you to see where the holes in your play might be.

Multiple Match Simultaneously: Jump into as many games as you'd like at once, to keep yourself busy while your opponents finalize their moves.

Advanced Tutorials: The future world of football is complicated. Thankfully Frozen Endzone will train you in every element you need to be the ultimate coach.

Action Packed Replays: Enjoy dynamic camera coverage of each play including zoom-ins on major hits to feel the impact of steel on steel.

Music by nervous_testpilot: Get pumped to powerful futuristic electronica with a full soundtrack produced specifically to rock the world of Frozen Endzone.

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  • Frozen Endzone Beta Launch Trailer

    Frozen Endzone captures the tactics of football in an RTS that pits your robotic team against another's in an epic brawl to get the pigskin to the endzone.

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