Full Mojo Rampage

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    Over the Top Games

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Full Mojo Rampage is a roguelike RPG, placing you in control of a Voodoo keeper as you seek out mojos, voodoo dolls, and passage through each dangerous level in solo, co-op, and competitive modes.


Multiple Game Modes: Play in online co-op or versus modes with up to four friends in Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, or King of Mojo, or tackle Campaign, Daily Quest, and two Survival modes.

Random Levels: Levels are randomly generated and filled with shrines, vendors, secret rooms, mixing rooms, and more.

Persistent Progress: Though death is around every corner, your gold and experience will progress with you and can be used to buy new pins and Loa favor.

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  • Full Mojo Rampage Launch Trailer

    What happens when you mix voodoo summoning, rum, and the undead together? A fun time for all! Welcome to Full Mojo Rampage, a new roguelike indie co-op tit

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