Galactic Supremacy

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    Blue Turtle

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Galactic Supremacy is a free space management strategy game for Facebook. Players may explore, exploit, expand, and exterminate in this expansive, persistent universe with over 35 kinds of planetary bodies. The game also features nine unique playable alien races; combat systems that include spying, fleet interception, light ship carrying, and conquest; and deep technology trees.


Nine Playable Races: Each of these alien races has unique attributes, characteristics, and racial powers.

Broad Combat System: The combat system includes features such as spying, interception of fleets, carrying of light ships, and planet conquest.

Technology Trees: Discovery and development of technologies coming from player’s previous specializations.

Persistent Universe: The universe doesn't go to sleep when you do. Enjoy an immersive environment that includes visual building growth, 35 kinds of planets and moons, and a musical score to match your adventures.

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