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GardenScapes is a free-to-play casual strategy game developed by Playrix available on iOS, Android, and compatible Internet browsers. In Gardenscapes players are tasked with restoring their garden alongside a cast of fun characters that will help you on your journey. Complete puzzles to pass levels and restore more garden sections until you're left with a stunning plot filled with the most exquisite features.


Matching Puzzles: Match 3 or more of a kind to remove those elements from the row or column in the puzzle, dropping more elements in their place for you to match up in other ways.

Various Goals: Don't think you're just going to be matching elements until the puzzle is gone. You're going to have to collect certain types of elements along the way, free gnomes, and more if you want to complete some of these puzzles.

Garden Restoration: Restore your garden with gorgeous flowerbeds, fountains, mazes and more so the community can realize once again just how great gardening is!

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