Gates of Andaron

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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The two nations of Iberia have splintered into two factions: Derion and Valorian. Fight for disputed territory, besiege castles, and wage all-out warfare against your enemies – or in their defense. Duel your opponent and celebrate your victory. If the battlefield is not your calling, administer the conquered territories… The fate of the Gates of Andaron lies in your hands.


- Exciting quests presented by fully rendered audiovisual NPCs provide hours of fun
- Instanced dungeons for parties and guilds with risky challenges and rewards await you
- Fight directly against other players in daily wars of conquests and receive rewards for your success
- Strategic battles between player groups using a real-time strategic command system


- Fast and flexible, the humans of the Gates of Andaron are intelligent and have a knack for using technology.
- Strong and persevering, the lithe Neved felines have a close connection to nature and make excellent close-combat fighters.
- The Mirhur fairies are esteemed for their wisdom and knowledge and their ability to rule science and magic in harmony.


- Warriors are physically strong and adept in attack and in defense. They carry heavy armor and powerful weapons.
- Night Walkers are skillful in the use of knives and have a keen ability to hone in on an enemy's weakness. Stealth is their greatest weapon as they sneak through the night, unseen and unheard.
- Archers are skilled in long-range weapons and possess advanced evasion skills for close-combat. Using a keen eye and steady hand, many an archer has helped defeat foe and rescue friend.
- Magicians are powerful wizards that possess the gift to control the elements. They are not armored and mainly fight from a distance.
- Protected by the Goddess of the Waters, Rekamies, priests have the ability to perform both white and black magic. This allows them to heal and rejuvenate companions after a long and tedious battle and protect themselves in dangerous situations.
- Evocators can open portals leading to other dimensions and can control gruesome creatures. This enables them to use other creatures' abilities. They wear leather armor as protection.

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