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New kind of MMORPG with 2D side scrolling is here! Ghost Online!

- Special feature about Ghost Online!

1. Ghost online is the first in the world, which has MMO PVP system in 2D MMORPG!
2. Dynamic and speedy actions that you’ve never experienced in other games!
3. No more of the same looking characters! Customize your character with over 1000 avatar items!
4. Experience the fusion of ghost and martial arts in Ghost Online!
5. Endless battles between Orders and Chaos! It is time to end this endless story

- Story Line

Agonizing Cries World
100 years ago, people of this land had committed sins without any feelings of guilt at all. The amount of sins increased and uncountable. The sinful souls of these people were unable to pass through to the afterworld, so they remain in this life, roaming the lands of the living, inflicting pain and misery for those who are still living in this world. Those who have been killed by sinful spirits also were unable to pass onto the afterworld, and they too roamed the land of the living. In this chaos, the endless cycle of murdering and plundering went on endlessly.

Legendary Cradios
Many Warriors from Order and Chaos joined forces to fight against the Evil Spirits in order to save the world. But the evil spirits and demons grew in such great numbers that the battle seemed endless.

A Legendary monk named Cradios traveled the world with his 12 disciples to fight the evil spirits. Cradios used the Art of Yumra Kihon to seal all the Evil spirits into a charm, then sealed it away at Sky Demon Temple in Kuha Mountain. And so everyone were anxious to return to their old lives of peaceful days of farming and schooling. All except one?Yang, one of Cradios’ desciples.

Yang thought that he was the only one fit to inherit the Legendary Cradios’ position because he was the best disciple. However, Cradios chose his disciple Sam as his successor and left. Ever since, Yang has been tormented by his feeling of inferiority and humiliation.

Consipiracy of Eunuch
A few years passed by peacefully and the world became a happy place. However, on the other hand, with a young king on the throne, many corrupted politicians used him as a pawn of power to do terrible deeds. Their powers grew to be uncontrollable over the years.

The young king finally started hearing of such evil deeds of Eunuches, and calls forth all the politicians to let them know of the corruption this is brining to the kingdom.

Lucky for them, they were not punished for their crimes. However, out of spite, they plot to overthrow the king.

They arranged a secret meeting to plot the overthrow of the king. They decided to lure warriors all over the world to become involved with their plans with promises of rare treasures.

Many warriors from Order and Chaos in seek of richness came in crowds. Yang, who was no longer a man of morals an principles, but simply another man fallen in darkness from his greed for wealth and powers, heard of the news.

Lord Yang
Yang becomes the leader of a secret meeting among great warriors and monks with his powerful martial art skills.

He used to be a disciple of the Legendary Cradios, but ever since his Master chose Sam as his successor and not him, Yang¡¯s anger and spite for his Master drove him into darkness.

The warriors from all over the world that Eunuchs gathered started following the powerful leader Yang rather than the Eunuchs. Yang started to become arrogant, and finally decides to kill all the Eunuchs, along with the king himself.

Yang, who took over the throne by force, announced to the world that he is God and that everyone must obey him. He led his men to kill his rival, Sam, who is the person in charge of keeping the sacred sealed charm at the Sky Demon Temple.

Meanwhile, the Legendary Cradios who left the countries bordering Western China to search for Evergreen Herb for so many years in the Bloody Evil Carven, grew evil in his heart from using the power of Yumra Kihon, until one day, he could no longer control it.

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