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    3D Historical, Fantasy, Free To Play

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Global Adventures is a F2P action MMO where you play as a world exploring treasure hunter in search of powerful artifacts and hidden truths. Discover dungeons invested with mythological beings and the loot that comes from defeating them on the never-ending quest for adventure, available for Windows.


Indonesia John: Search for and stylize your character with various armors, weapons, costumes, and skins.

Raider: Master one of the several unique classes like the robot-toting biotechnician, the heavy weapons demolitionist, or the enemy stunning shocktrooper.

Journeymen: Immerse yourself in the fully-voiced narrative, take on insane challenges, or work to maintain and defend a glorious castle against would be invaders.

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    Global Adventures Online follows a group of treasure hunters that get in over their head with the mysteries of the world. Featuring ARPG, it's sure to make

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