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Put the pedal to the metal in GoGoRacer! Compete in engaging races for car parts, medals, and above all else, fame! Players can race in head to head challenges, participate in team races, or establish the fastest racing time to declare superiority. Easily and limitlessly customize characters and rides to tweak them into the ultimate performance cars to give them that extra boost in competition.

Unleash your road rage and show off your racing skill to become the champion in GoGoRacer!

Key Features:

- Real Physics: Karts react realistically to the surrounding environment as players collide, jump over ramps, ledges & banks.

- Jump Boosting: Gain an advantage over opponents with this special technique.
By performing a jump boost after jumping off a platform or ledge, players can gain a powerful burst of speed. This system rewards players for exploring the maps and trying to find key jumps .

- Crafting System: After winning a race, players may receive random car parts as a reward. These components can be used to create modification kits for their kart, allowing them to further tweak its performance.

- Car Clubs (Coming Soon!): Players can band together to form a club and compete with other clubs for game and prizes. Car Clubs receive their own private channel and can customize their karts with their Car Clubs’ logo.

- King of the Hill (Coming Soon!): The King of the Hill feature allows players to compete with others for in-game cash and prizes. Players pay a fee to challenge each other to a match in which all fees are pooled together as a grand prize and winner takes all.

- Time Attack: Players compete for top race times and public rankings on each track. Win medals based on successful times and they can be redeemed for exciting prizes!

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