Grand Theft Auto V

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  • Developer:
    Rockstar Games

  • Genres:
    Shooter, Racing

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Grand Theft Auto V is an open world sandbox game which allows you to control one of three characters in the fictional city of Los Santos, CA. Navigate the underbelly of the city as you participate in a variety of mission style heists. Available on PS3, PS4, XB360, XB1, and PC.

Business Model: Retail Purchase - $29.99

Microtransactions: Yes - Players may purchase "Shark cards", worth in game currency.

Key Features:

GTA Online: The first Grand Theft Auto title to offer an online mode, allowing up to 30 people on a server at once.

Get Your Groove On: Operate a night club as a front for your nefarious criminal activities.

Recreation: In your downtime between heists, you can hit the golf course, go for a nice bike ride, or practice some yoga. If that's too much down in your downtime, try parachuting over the city, instead!

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