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Grecca is a realtime 2D side-scrolling MMORPG that was built by gamers for gamers. It is based in an alternate version of antiquity, offering four unique cultures all with different player classes. Rather than have hours and hours worth of the usual MMO grind, the emphasis is placed on developing character skills throughout the game.

Grecca Features:
-Randomly generated maps
-Weather system and day/night cycles
- Play with Gamepad or Keyboard
- Player built towns
- Hunting System
- Cooking/forging/crafting and skills galore
- Several different weapon types
- Player run governments
- Fully customizable characters
- Marriage and death systems
- And much, much more...

The primary difference between Grecca and other existing MMORPG's is that the world in Grecca is almost entirely player driven. There are no indestructible static towns. There are no magical banks to store your gear. There are no safety zones where other players can't harass or attack you. There are no guarantees.

The world of Grecca is highly competitive, and there will be a strong emphasis on Player vs. Player (PvP) action. This action is not limited to combat. Every aspect of Grecca is geared toward fierce (and often times unforgiving) competition between players. Some of this competition will take place on an individual level, and some will take place on a faction level.

The key word is 'Survival'. Every piece of gear you own is precious for the time that you own it. It may be lost when you fall; taken by other players or by the elements. Possessions are fleeting; safety, always temporary. Players will have to depend on themselves and one another in order to survive in a world of harsh adversity.

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