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Guardian Codex is a free-to-play mobile fantasy RPG developed by SQUARE ENIX for iOS and Android. In Guardian Codex it is the year 2030 and war raging between two opposing factions, the Empire and the Resistance. Players will join up with the Resistance as an agent, getting sent into the virtual reality Codex with the task of finding the extinct legendary "Guardians". The only way to better understand the Guardians is by encountering them head on in the Codex, but there will certainly be dangers lurking around every corner when such strong forces are nearby. Explore the Codex, collect Guardians, and defend the world from the Empire's tyranny in Guardian Codex!


Guardian Battles: Use unique guardians to battle your opponents with different attacks that will leave them begging for mercy.

Strengthen Guardians: Help your guardians gain even more strength by leveling them up, evolving them into new Guardians, rebirthing them and more!

Multiplayer Battles: Create a team of four players, using one Guardian from each to take down powerful foes and reap amazing rewards.

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    Guardian Codex is Square Enix latest mobile title! From the creators of Guardian Cross, Codex is set to push mobile gaming to the next level!

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    Guardian Codex is available for pre-registration, and it is from the makers of Guardian Cross! It's a forthcoming mobile title from Square Enix!

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