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Guardian Cross is a card-battle game from Square Enix, available exclusively on mobile devices. Collect cards from a variety of settings and aesthetic directions, from bloody historical figures, monsters, vampires, and mythical beasts. Guardian Cross has a number of original features that are a departure from the usual trading-card conventions.


Guardian Taming: You can tame your guardians in the wild using your magic rifle. The process of taming and capturing your guardians involves looking down the scope of a rifle and tagging the monsters in real-time. This action-oriented minigame is adds variety to the card-based gameplay and battles.

Online Play: Guardian Cross is an online game, first and foremost. Matchmaking allows you to face off against other collectors with ease. Swap strategies and tips afterwards, and even make friends. Rankings allow you to easily compare your scores and performance with other players, and track your progress internationally.

Events and Competitions: Events like the Skyborne Coliseum allow players to tackle a series of incredible challenges for a chance at great rewards and even greater renown. Missteps late in the event can cause everything to crash down around you, so keep your focus and do your best. The game will reward you for your skill and diligence.

Story-driven Gameplay: The gameplay in Guardian Cross doesn't just exist in a vacuum. You'll be participating in an unfolding storyline as you play, which will simultaneously guide you through the process of taming and training your guardians, and open up the setting of the game further for exploration. Quests and missions taken from colorful NPCs will take you on an epic journey into uncovering the secrets of the guardians.

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    This video is a trailer for the various features and elements in Guardian Cross, an action card-battle mobile game from Square-Enix.

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