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    Shooter, Fantasy

SIEIDI is currently developing a new action shooter game called Gunnheim. The world of Gunnheim is one of fantasy, where both viking mythology and guns collide in a bloody mess. Players can select from one of 4 classes to play as that all have their own special abilities to help fend off the onslaught of monsters. Up to 4 players can play cooperatively in the same match together and really make it rain blood as they mow down countless monsters in an attempt to help restore the balance between the dead and the living.


Singleplayer or Multiplayer: Whether or not you like to play cooperatively or solo, Gunnheim has you covered. Both singleplayer and multiplayer modes can be selected to appease any type of gamer.

Unlockables: As players progress through episodes of gameplay, temporary unlockables will be discovered and once the game is completed players will discover permanently unlocked features.

Humor and Gore Players will notice as they progress through Gunnheim that the game has a certain humor to it. Some players might not find this particularly entertaining, but if that is the case then the blood and guts spewing from monsters as they are gunned down is sure to catch the eye.

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