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Gunpie Adventure is a free-to-play mobile arcade style shooter developed by NEXON for iOS and Android. In Gunpie Adventure the evil Sirius is attempting to take over the world with his endless horde of henchmen and monsters. Experience the thrill of true arcade fun, adventuring through ancient ruins around the world and gunning down waves of monsters to stop Sirius from his dastardly endeavors and save the world! Gun down everything in sight and relive the age of 90s arcade games all over again in Gunpie Adventure!


Singleplayer Stages: Complete over 200 different stages in singleplayer that will have you teaming up with unique characters on a mission like none other. With hordes of monsters in every direction you won't be at a loss for something to shoot at!

Ancient Artifacts: Collect ancient artifacts on your travels. They will prove to be more useful than you know, giving you and your team magic powers.

Vehicles: When the monsters are as big and as bad as they can come you'll need to be fast and ready for anything. Gear up in a car, jeep, or tank to even your odds against tons of evil creatures.

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