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Welcome to Gunz, a world where fantasy and magic meet the industrial revolution.

After decades of war between the Republic and the Empire, there is finally a rare moment of peace. The age of adventure has begun! Treasure seekers, bounty hunters and rogue explorers use stealth, magic and cunning to sneak across the border between the Empire and the Republic on various quests.

Enter the world of Gunz and you will face these notorious outlaws and bounty hunters in battle! Join forces with fellow adventurers wandering the DMZ between the two countries or challenge them to fight. Keep a watchful eye for the ancient treasures that have been secretly handed down from generation to generation. They can aid you in your quest.

Be warned! With adventure comes risk! You never know what strange existence you may encounter on your journey in Gunz! GunZ is in some ways very similar to other widely available FPS games. However, it also contains elements that are totally unique.

GunZ allows the game's characters freedom of movement like console games or the actors in action movies. Scale walls, somersault through the air and leap over obstacles. Use guns and swords to engage your enemies in combat. GunZ is all about realistic fighting and agile movement. The battles unfolds not only on the ground but also on the walls, columns and even the statues. You can step on, run on, and jump off the walls and columns making use of a variety of skillful actions. Experience and create an all new strategic play with GunZ!

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  • Gunz Online US trailer

    A trailer for the free MMO Gunz Online, with a lot of gameplay footage!

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  • seth

    GunZ is the best free game I’ve ever played. I think there is still f2p private servers around but currently no legit companies supporting this game any more. I played this game for damn near a decade, went through 3 companies hosting it and now it is dead. What made gunz so good, is all the styles. Styles were not ment to be in the game, but thanks to crap korean coding you could abuse the character animation to perform multiple task at once. Like Jump then slash blocking in the air was called “Butterfly” . Jumping in the air slashing your opponent then switching to a gun and shooting them before you land was called Slash shot. Those were the two basic k-style moves. Man this game had so much to offer and with updated graphics would still have more to offer. Surprised this game never caught on, well not really it took a lot of practice to play it competitively.

    • Thelockest

      You put it the best it it can be
      Farewell gunz we all had some good time on that game i remember me and my friends used to Play all the time on ijji but now oh well nothing last forever

    • blackcoffee

      Amen I went from when it was a launchable from maiet vame it was called gunz international and had no premium items just rings grenades gunz a d basic armor so much fun in highschool many people played it then it went to ijji then aeria I would play like 5 times a year but had so much fun when I did and k style was like riding a bike youd come back after half a year and could still own the ppl now doing tbf when all you knew was bf lol man imma miss it

      • Syphorce

        Its a damn shame that its not playable anymore. I really miss those days when I first picked up gunz and all I could do was spray to defend myself against people who k-styled. And then when I was finally able to compete when I learned how to k-style. There will never be a game like it.

  • Angry Joe

    Such a great game

  • redz

    is this available? i want to play this game again? anybody could link the installer of gunz online?

    • Crackpot

      Play UGG server, universe gamers gunz

  • Exiled

    I been away from Gunz for the longest. Then when i tried to reconnect with the best pc free game that i ever got introduced to; I don’t know how… I don’t know whats going on and I need a very knowledge and an guide to reconnect to the world of dueling. SOMEONE PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT GOING ON!!

  • Exiled

    Do anyone have a private server up? i think we should bring it back to life but just making a private server open to public. just my opinion!!

  • Neglekt

    Gunz 2 is set to release in NA next month

  • Leonard Te

    Check out Gunz at its not english, but if your looking for something that’s nonprivate server, here you go.


    There’s currently only one Official based server all NA based on original GunZ, visit and check their facebook fanpage

  • Maiet

    USA/NA Version GunZ Online is currently being hosted at their contents are based original Maiet’s end terms of service copyright Monk Ent, Inc 2014. All rights reserved, visit their fanpage for more info

  • [_Pinscer_]

    devil_angel8 here people … ūüôĀ loved this game too ahahahaha

  • MAIETGames

    There’s currently only one Official based server all NA based on original GunZ, visit¬†and check their facebook fanpage¬†

  • MAIETGames

    There’s currently only one Official based server all NA based on original GunZ, visit¬†and check their facebook fanpage¬† join us now and reawaken from what was once a true glory.

  • MAIETGames

    Hi everybody, I’ve good news GunZ Online is back Sponsored by M2O Gaming Network visit and register now redeem to Gold coins for starters! ALSO BE Sure to check out the Gunz The Last Duel fan page