Halzae: Heroes of Divinity

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  • Developer:
    Saltclock Studio

  • Genres:
    Fantasy, MOBA, Shooter

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Halzae: Heroes of Divinity is a competitive multiplayer brawler pitting hero vs. hero in the arena. Take control of a powerful gladiator hand-picked by the gods and fight for glory.

Business Model: Exact details unknown. Currently you can pre-purchase beta access for 20$ which will include all characters.

Microtransactions: Presumably new champs will require an additional purchase.

Key Features:

►Kara: Take advantage of bionic limbs and Thor's Thunder to shoot and stun enemies.
►Striker: Bash away foes with holographic blades and shields as a destroyer robot.
►Maverick: Hunt down targets with the expert use of firearms.
►Ciel: Rip molecules down to the atomic level and create mini A-bombs.

Methodology: Demonstrate your skills in the free-for-all, team deathmatch, and capture-the-flag game modes.

Times Up!: Every match ends in ten minutes, make sure you're the one in the lead before the alarms ring.

Mix n' Match: Build out your champion with a variety of swappable skills.

Fuel to the Fire: Gather mystical essence to pay for ability usage.

Turning the Tides: Shatter crystals around the map for buffs or damage.

Myths and Legends: Engage in combat on ancient battlefields.

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