Heavenstrike Rivals

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy

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Heavenstrike Rivals is a free to play fantasy tactical TCG developed by Square Enix for iOs and Android. Enter a world ravaged by the Fallen, ruthless monsters seeking to destroy the world. You will need to fight your way across Lunnain and save the Seven Sisters from the Fallen's grasp while managing your vastly different units. Don't just stand by and let the Fallen wreak havoc. Embark on your quest, fight back, and show them the true power of humanity!


Numerous Units: Collect, train, and do battle with over 230 unique, fully-animated units.

Worldwide PvP: Battle players on a worldwide scale and prove just how skilled you truly are.

Events: Regularly hosted weekly events and weekend Arena competitions will give you countless new ways to test your skills.

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