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Hellion is a 3D space survival game developed by Zero Gravity and is planned to be released on Steam Early Access sometime in January 2017. Hellion is both a fusion of both survival and space sim genres, giving players the unique chance to fight against not only each other, but a semi-realistic space environment as well. Hard space vacuums, extreme temperatures, radiation, and resources are just a few of the things you'll need to be on the lookout for in the deep recesses of space. Will you create a reliable crew of space-faring explorers, or will you take to the less moral route of looting and pillaging the hard-earned resources of others? Only Hellion will give you the chance to find out!


No Interaction Restrictions: There are no safe-zones in Hellion. If you come across another player you'd better be ready to put your trust in them or drop them before they have the chance to drop you.

Exploration: Use your spaceship to explore the deep recesses of space and discover the remnants of humanity. Who knows what resources, or foes you might discover.

Newtonian Physics: The entire universe is roughly based around Newtonian physics, including full orbital mechanics for celestial bodies and even your ship itself!

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