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Hero Civilization is an MMORTS that allows you to join one of three factions as humanity tries to rebuild in the wake of a devastating war. Each of the three races -- Human, Shaba, and Alec -- have their own philosophies and ways of doing things, so the troop types they command are also different. Alliances are a great way to ensure your country remains safe as you develop the land and work on conquering neighboring territories. The game also offers a nice trading system between players, to ensure you can get whatever materials you need.


Three factions: Join the Humans, Shaba, or Alec as you attempt to carve a name for yourself into the land. Each race offers a different ideal, and different troops and abilities along the way.

Alliance based system: Join with your fellows to grow more powerful, as you spread your influence across the land. Assist your allies and request their help for attacking and defense alike.

Traders economy: Have an excess of something, but need more of another? Trade it with another player so you can both benefit!

Quest based gameplay: Complete your empire efficiently using the extensive quest system in Hero Civilization. These quests will help guide your forces to victory!

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