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Hero: Force Origins is a 3D Fantasy Mobile RPG developed by NGames. In Hero Force: Origins players are able to develop magnificent cities which can be viewed in complete 360 degrees. Players will need to develop their city and build new structures while simultaneously defending their city from enemy attacks with careful placement of troops. Players must attack and loot their enemies to gain resources which can be used to purchase upgrades, and there are many heroes from Norse mythology can be acquired and used to aid the player in battle.


Races: There are heroes from 7 different races in the game with 10 unique creatures that can be chosen.

City Customization: Players can customize their city to their heart's content, adding taverns, forges, and even employees. Forges can be used to craft new items and traps can be created and upgraded to help defend your city on your own terms.

Dungeons: Hero Force: Origins features over 200 different playable dungeons of different environments that are sure to keep the player entertained.

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