Hero Hunters

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    Hothead Games

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    Free To Play, MOBA, Sci-Fi, Shooter, Strategy

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Hero Hunters is a cover based real-time 3rd person shooter boasting a variety of game modes for co-op and multiplayer. Tactically build out your squad of powerful mercenaries and head to the arena for fast paced action sprinkled satisfying strategic elements. Available for iOS and Android.


I Choose You! And You. Also You: Pick from the best operators in the world to watch your back, gun down hostiles, or activate incredible abilities.

Going to War: Make the most of your experience, battle others from around the world in hectic player versus player, cooperatively join your comrades to partake in deadly missions, or engage terrifying bosses in raids.

Decked Out: Equip all manner of weaponry including trusty rifles, long ranging snipers, blasty shotguns, slicing swords, and futuristic energy cannons.

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    Customize a military squad and face off against other players in heated multiplayer combat.

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