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Heroes of Dragon Age is a high-end mobile game with superior visuals and features. Build a party of epic warriors and monsters from Dragon Age lore and bring them to life in strategic 3D combat! Upgrade your characters, swap them out, and battle against other players for the right to become a legend!


Dragon Age Lore: Build your team from characters taken straight from the critically-acclaimed and much loved Dragon Age RPG series - favorites like Varric, Morrigan, Alistair, and more can be put on your team to crush the opposition. Epic creatures like dragons and giant bears can also be trained and fielded to great effect.

Epic PVP: PVP in Heroes of Dragon Age is no laughing matter. Engage in epic struggles for dominance with other players, and climb your way up the leaderboards for unique rewards and universal fame. Only the best players will receive the greatest respect and accolades.

Character Factions: Heroes of Dragon Age uses colors to display the nature, or faction, of the units. The colored circular plate in each character's base denotes their status. When four characters of the same faction are used simultaneously, a faction bonus is granted. This bonus is the character's rarity percentages added together.

Hero Packs: The easiest way to obtain characters is by purchasing packs in the in-game store. There are four different types of packs available at all times, with special ones on offer from time to time. These special packs often include characters who cannot be obtained elsewhere in the game.

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