Heroes of Three Kingdoms: Flop or Hot?


How many variations of this story have we encountered already? Heroes of Three Kingdoms is another game developed by Perfect World Entertainment (PWE), the company behind some serious games like Jade Dynasty, Forsaken World, and Battle of the Immortals. This is the developers first foray into a serious game with a heavy historical background, with Heroes loosely based on China's most popular epic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a story that details that civil unrest that resulted in harsh battles in ancient China. The game takes you to the time when the story took place and your role is to take part in the great unification of China. The game's background is promising and PWE has a reputation for making artful characters. Let's see how Heroes of Three Kingdoms fare as a game.

Heroes of Three Kingdoms Interview: Staying true to a Classic


Heroes of Three Kingdoms is one of Perfect World Entertainment's upcoming MMORPGs. The game is based on the historical Warring States Period, stamped into the annuals of history in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, one of China's Four Great Classical Novels. How will this title differentiate itself from the massive number of Asian-themed MMOs out in the market?

Relive history in Heroes of Three Kingdoms Closed Beta on July 13th


Perfect World Entertainment today announced that its first historically based MMORPG, Heroes of Three Kingdoms, will be launching its closed beta on July 13th. Based on one of history's greatest battles, players will be able to participate in pivotal events in the game and change the course of history that helped shaped China as we know it today. Swear allegiance to the Wei, Shu or Wu kingdoms, rise within the ranks and lead your forces to victory.
"Heroes of Three Kingdoms is one of our most anticipated games to date and we're very excited to be launching the closed beta in North America in less than two weeks," said AJ Potter, Product Manager for Heroes of Three Kingdoms. "Regardless of whether you are familiar with the Battle of Red Cliff, the legend is one that resonates throughout history-from the tale of David versus Goliath or the battle of 300 Spartans against the forces of Xerxes. Heroes of Three Kingdoms brings to life one of the most turbulent periods in history."

Heroes of Three Kingdoms MMO Comes to North America


Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a wholly owned US subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), today announced that the 3D MMORPG, Heroes of Three Kingdoms, will be coming to North America.