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    KOG Games

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HeroWarz is a top-down action MORPG developed by A.Storm and published by KOG Games. Featuring a ton of unique characters and abilities, HeroWarz paves the way with a unique style all its own.


Unique Heroes: Choose between a wide array of characters, from brawlers to gunners, wizards, samurais, bikers and much more.

Tons of gameplay modes: With a duel mode, Team Deathmatch, open world exploration, dungeons and even a MOBA mode, there's something for everyone.

Fast leveling: Got a few minutes to kill? HeroWarZ's leveling curve is fast and easy. Players can gain tons of levels within a simple coffee break.

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Game Videos

  • HeroWarz Official – Ramirez Trailer

    A hot-blooded brawler is coming to HeroWarz: Ramirez!

  • HeroWarz Izanami Trailer

    HeroWarz welcomes the Goddess of the Underworld, Izanami, a gifted illusionist that joins the roster of playable characters. Full Patch Overview &nbs

  • HeroWarz Official – Izanami Teaser

    November 16th, Izanami comes to HeroWarz.

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