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Get whisked away into the fantasy dream world of Heva Clonia Online, an MMORPG from Windysoft. In HCO, you can explore in a special campaign mode, or join up with friends in team play, two-player dungeons, and even guild warfare. Become a mad scientist as you clone creatures of the world to serve as your pets, or put yourself to work crafting the latest equipment.


Clone and Battle: Players can create replicas of monsters they face in the wild, they train them as their own to do battle against dungeons or other players.

Couple Focused Teamwork: Looking to have a good time in an MMO with just your close buddy or significant other? Heva Clonia caters various dungeons for two player co-op action.

Guilds and War: Climb your way up the leaderboard in large scale guild versus guild battles to prove the worth of your faction.

Mini-Games: All grind and no downtime can burn you out fast. Take a breather and play a variety of mini-games to keep your mind off saving the world for a while.

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  • zenouv

    Only for CA and NA

  • Ed_ Dol

    i miss so much heva clonia hiks

  • Lol i’m bored to death then dunno why i google it, 6 years since after it shutdown.
    Just realized that the last publisher itself also dead.

    ~If you ever knew me in game, i’m SagaraKun in that game