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Holic is a free 3D MMORPG by Netgame. These are just a few of the game's features:

(1) Class Revolving: Face Off System

When players are in danger players can overcome dangers by using ‘Face Off System’ which is a Basic Class Transform skill, called ‘Class Revolving’ By setting up from the NPC in town, players will be able to freely play all 6 classes with one character and will be able to instantly switch between 2 different classes by using a skill called ‘Class Revolving’ This skill will be able to help players to fight with enemies in best condition. There is no penalty for switching between two classes and players will be able to eliminate the enemies with their best combination of classes. Also, growth of sub-classes will slightly affect the main class of a character. Plus, Players can change their looks by using ‘Class Revolving System’

(2) Knock Back Bonus Attack

One of the finest things in Holic is the sense of an impact when a player attacks a enemy. Monsters will not just stand on the ground and act like they are hurt by players’ attacks, how players attack them will cause Short or Long Distance knock backs on the monsters. Delay occurred by knock backs will give the players a chance to proceed with their tactics against the monsters. Just for an example, If a player were in danger, Knock Back will save a player some time to heal themselves or cast a strong spells to eliminate the enemy. As a result of the players’ attack, players will experience intensive battle and visual satisfaction of attacking.

(3) Combo Relay System

‘Combo Relay System’ can be performed with 7 different properties of spells & skills. Waves of 7 different colors will blast from the enemy like an orchestra. Seven Sign (Super Party Combo) can be performed if players in party use 7 different properties skills & spells in right order. Seven Sign Combo will gives bonus attack rates to party also it will bond each party members to one. Visual of Seven Sign will be great as furious action movies.

4) Scenario Quest and Happening Event Systems

In Holic, there are two quest systems called Scenario Quest and Happening Event quests. Players will be able to enjoy the story about Holic by proceeding these two types of quests. First Quest system, ‘Scenario Quests’ are the epic quests that relate to the story of world of Holic. Second quest system is ‘Happening Quests’ which relate to the lost memory of player’s character. Players will experience quests that relates to the lost memory and affinity of their characters. By two quest systems all players will experience adventures and mysterious events.

(5) User Created Quest (UCQ)

Quests in Holic never ends. All players are able to create their own dramatic quest that they want. Quests that you dreamed about: fantastic, sincerely, heart warming, Scary quests will be created by players themselves by using ‘UCQ System (User Created Quest) ’ All players can create their own quests by following the simple rules of UCQ. Also, Other players are able to enjoy the quest that you created! It’s time to create your own story and others will enjoy it!

(6) Adventure Dungeon

Holic provides New type of Instant dungeon called ‘Adventure Dungeon’ Adventure Dungeons based on each episodes that relate to scenario of Holic and players can challenge those dungeons with their mates. All party members will have to cooperate and accomplished their mission and new types of party playing will be needed. Players in Holic will experience fantastic action play like console game with Adventure Dungeon.

(7) User Created Dungeon (UCD)

All players in Holic are able to set traps or arrange strong monsters in their own dungeon and become dungeon creator.
Steeped terrain, strong monsters, terrifying boss monster can be arranged in UCD (User Created Dungeon) and creators can open their own dungeons to the public. UCD system has various map design selection to help players to create their own dungeons. Name your own dungeon and open your dungeon to everyone! Will you become Dungeon Keeper?

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