Hover: Revolt of Gamers

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    Midgar Studio

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    Racing, Other, Sci-Fi

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Hover: Revolt of Gamers is a buy-to-play 3D adventure parkour game developed by Midgar Studio that is available for purchase on Steam and is expecting a Q4 2017 release for PS4 and Xbox One. The Great Admin of this futuristic planet has completely cut ties with the Galactic Union, establishing a dictatorship instead and ruling over the planet's subjects. He's even outlawed fun, making both it and entertainment in general illegal. What a travesty! You must take charge of a newfound team of young rebels, the Gamers, and fight against the oppressive hand of the Great Admin. How you might ask? By having as much fun as possible, parkouring your way through every inch of the city, helping out fellow citizens, and finding a way to the Orbital Station!


Singleplayer or Multiplayer: Hover: Revolt of Gamers can be either a singleplayer or multiplayer experience depending on your preference. At any point in the game you can switch from offline to online and vice-versa, joining other players to progress cooperatively or playing as a lone wolf.

Unlock Characters: As you play you'll unlock 10 different characters, each with their own skills to take advantage of. You can customize their colors and improve their skills to create a fantastic parkour team to swap in and out with.

Community Content: The game is very community-driven, allowing players to create missions and mini games to share with others for even more fun!

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