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Europe's first Multi-Player Online Racing Game
Hovorun is an action-packed racing game which you can play online with 8 players simultaneously. Tear up the track in small but fast hovercrafts. Team up with your friends, race and win!

The gameplay features of Hovorun
- Play online with 8 players at the time;
- Defend with super shields or attack your opponents with rockets;
- Make your own team and fight other teams;
- Collect money and earn experience;
- Buy and sell items to decorate or upgrade your Hovo or character;
- Customise your character with clothes, accessories and items.
The game client can be downloaded for free and also gamers can play the game for free. Game credits are required to purchase some specially selected in game items. In the shop you will find a large collection of items to customize your avatar and hovercrafts.

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Game Videos

  • Hovorun Trailer

    Cute trailer of Hovorun, Europe's first MMO racing game!

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