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  • Developer:
    Amplitude Studios

  • Genres:
    3D Historical, Strategy, Sim

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HUMANKIND is a 3D turn-based grand strategy game featuring a wholly authentic historical theme based on a wide variety of era-spanning cultures.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Eyes on You: Re-write the history of humanity as you see fit by mixing and matching from dozens of potential civilization mockups. Start in the humble beginnings of simple survival and work your way up the evolutionary ladder by conquering the globe, leading great people of power, and discovering incredible scientific breakthroughs.

Say My Name: Leave your mark on the world through any means necessary. It doesn't matter if it's bad or good, just that word gets around you're someone worth remembering. Generating global recognition is the key to victory!

Hot Seat: Picking your civ lineup is only half the battle, ensure you don't fall behind in-match by mastering fundamental tactical skills in combat and diplomacy.

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