Hunter’s Arena: Legends

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    Fantasy, Free To Play, MOBA

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Hunter's Arena: Legends is a third-person multiplayer battle arena that combines elements of MOBAs, Battle Royales, and MMORPGs.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes

Key Features:

Multiple Gameplay Styles: Combining MMORPG features like raiding and equipment with MOBA features like heroes and other PvP styles, Hunter's Arena is unlike other battle games online.

Action Combat: Combat is active, simple to learn, but becomes more complex as you become familiar with dodging, action cancelling, and terrain.

Battle Man and Beast: Cooperate with allies to take down bosses - or to assault enemy players. With the goal still being the last man standing, will your allies betray you?

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Game Videos

  • Hunter’s Arena: Legends Ingame Trailer (4K)

    As the dawn breaks, the hunters prepare for the upcoming battle. With trust and betrayal rampant on the battlefield, the video showcases character skill

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