Hybrid Wars

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    Extreme Developers

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    Sci-Fi, Shooter, Strategy, Free To Play

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Hybrid Wars is a free-to-play top-down shooter developed by Extreme Developers for PC, Mac, Linux, and will be released on Steam for download. Hybrid Wars is set in the near future of 2060 where humanity is at the high point of a technological revolution and the Earth has become completely integrated with information and technology of call kinds. Tanks, choppers, and other mechanical marvels now rule the sea, land, and sky, but not for long if you have anything to say about it!


Top-Down Gameplay: Enjoy an updated version of the classic top-down shooter style that will have you commanding your own arsenal of mech units.

Various Mechanical Foes: Over 50 different types of enemies will oppose you and try to stop you in your tracks.

Vehicles: Outfit your helicopters, tanks, robots, and titans to push back your enemies and cause the most destruction that they can manage.

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Game Videos

  • Hybrid Wars—Release Trailer

    Fame, fortune, power; these await the bold in Hybrid Wars.

  • Hybrid Wars Gameplay Trailer

    Want to know how Hybrid Wars handles? You're in luck today! Let's get those mecha behemoths out onto the battlefield!

  • Hybrid Wars Announcement Trailer

    Hybrid Wars has been revealed as the next title from Wargaming's WG Labs project, designed by the Russian studio Extreme Developers.

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