Immortal Empire

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    Tactic Studios

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    Fantasy, 2.5D/2D Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy

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Immortal Empire is a free to play multiplayer tactics roleplaying game developed by Tactic Studios Inc. and is available for download on PC on Steam. In Immortal Empire players can control their own party of immortals, using them to destroy any creatures that might stand in their way. Solo play consists of a campaign with a mysterious storyline, but players can also enjoy playing with or against each other in Gauntlet or Versus modes. Take on any challengers and defeat every wave of enemies in your path in Immortal Empire.


Varying Immortals: Immortals like the Banewitch, the Druid, and many other types will allow you to outfit your party to your liking.

Automated PvP Matchmaking: PvP matchmaking is automated and will allow you to quickly find other players to battle against.

Dialogue Choices: As you make choices with different dialogues throughout the game they will influence the relationships that are built.

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