Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
  • Information

  • Developer:
    Aeria Games

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy

Immortalis is a free to play mobile CCG (collectible card game), available on both iOS and Android. Become the strongest Soulbinder, capturing monsters, imbuing them with power, and overcoming challenging quests and players in epic battles.

Rich Fantasy World: Travel through a dark world filled with beauty and horror alike, fighting against immortal monsters beyond your dreams.

Control Creatures: Prove your strength, and capture the will of Immortals who will serve you in our quest.

Rebirth: Bond two Immortals in the same form to create a new, more powerful form, who carries the strength of its predecessors.

Global Battle: Build rivalries against other players as you seek to prove yourself to the strongest Immortals.

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  • Immortalis Official Trailer

    Embark on an epic journey to suppress the monster invasion and claim your place as the strongest Soulbinder in Immortalis, free for iOS and Android.

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