Imperiums: Greek Wars

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    Kube Games

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    3D Historical, Sim, Strategy

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Imperiums: Greek Wars is a 3D turn-based 4X grand strategy game featuring a Greco-Persian mythological twist. Unite the warring world of ancient Macedonia and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity lead by a wise and capable ruler!

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Rep and Prep: Take your pick from over 30 different factions including the mighty Spartans, ambitious Satrapies, renowned Athens, and much more.

Big Asks: Balance the various facets of political scheming, economic management, and military might to survive in a cruel and unforgiving world of ancient warfare.

Step to the Plate: Master the mechanics in the single-player campaign then try your hand at challenging other players in a race to victory!

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  • Imperiums: Greek Wars Release Trailer

    Dive into an ancient world brought to life with Grecian myths and legends expertly blended with authentic historical details!

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