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Koramgame's strategy epic, Indomitus, unfolds in a savage era of European history. Play as a barbarian warlord on a quest to conquer Europe and join thousands of heroes like Attila the Hun as they clash in epic battles. Join the war today!


Manor System: Create Manors as the pinnacle of your civilization. New city and army options become available based on the path and upgrades produced through your manors.

Technology Tree: Push your nation down three different Technology Trees known as Basic Research, Unit Research, and Advanced Research. Basic Research provides additional bonuses from your manors and important upgrades to your Heroes. Unit Research allows you to specialize your generic army units to fit your playstyle. And Advanced Research gives you special bonuses to provide you a one up on your opponents come end-game.

Hero System: Experience a unique and deep hero system! Your heroes can gain experience, level up and learn customizable abilities, upgrade the stats you want them to upgrade, embark on quests and training missions, and equip/enhance 5 types of equipment. You will need to master the Hero System to succeed in Indomitus.

Deep Strategic Combat System: From forming squads, to choosing one of 12 formations, to building various city fortifications, Indomitus ensures that battles always feel unique and unpredictable.

Guilds and Tribes: Even the community is strategic in Indomitus. Join a faction and pool your resources to profit on the economic side while acquiring research advancements that only are attainable through guilds.

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