Iron League

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    Dexint Games

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    Free To Play, MOBA

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Iron League is a free-to-play 3v3 action MOBA where you will take direct control of one of many legendary heroes each sporting an iconic look and feel achieved through creative visual design and a unique set of lore-appropriate abilities. Achieve victory by effortlessly navigating your way through hectic fast-paced combat aiming explosive skillshots and killing enemy after enemy while avoiding death yourself! Available for iOS and Android.


To My Ironside: Discover your favorite champion among the 30+ varied characters on the roster.

Hero of the Arena: Never suffer through another dull match again with the five small and strategically diverse maps across three separate game modes.

Made for Mobile: You don't have to be a battle arena master to play Iron League, the controls have been crafted to be intuitive for players new and old.

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    Claw, shoot, vaporize, slash, and punch your way to victory in this F2P multiplayer battle arena designed exclusively for mobile devices.

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