Jade Dynasty 2 (Zhu Xian 2)

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Zhu Xian 2 is the prequel of Zhu Xian, which is also known as Jade Dynasty in America. The game is not a totally standalone game, but rather a huge update/patch to the original game. The graphics engine has been updated, more areas added and many more new features. After the war ended in the original storyline, peace was thought to have finally arrived in the war torn world. However, the mysterious race known as Gods' Descendants appeared.
They are the descendants of gods who once ruled over the world, living far away and unseen by the Humans. But as generations passed, the descendants gradually lost the powers their forefathers once had. The war between the 2 races started when the Gods' Descendants heard of a Human (main character of the Zhu Xian novels, Xiao Fan, who also stopped the first war in Jade Dynasty) who has a sacred manual called the “5 Scrolls Heavenly Book”, which they believe has the power to restore their original power and once again conquer the lands.
Why is it hot:
Perfect World Entertainment has always delivered in terms of frequent content updates, and this time its no different. The company also hired popular China actress, Zhou Xun, who is well-known throughout Asia, as the game's official spokesperson. Various marketing posters with her image were produced, including the game's theme song and music video, which was sung by her.
Game features:
-The game has a player controlled questing system. Different options chosen by all players when undertaking any quests will have an effect on the continuing quests, rewards and outcome of the storyline.
-The best feature should be the aerial mounted PvP. Although restricted to certain areas, players can ride on a flying sword, soaring through the air and engage in large scale wars.
-There will be various new mounts, new instances, new mobs and hundreds of new equipments. Not to forget, the new starting area for the new race, Gods' Descendants.
-Not to forget, the trademark feature found in almost all Perfect World games, the indepth pet system. Some bosses are available to be captured, but only the strongest players will be able to do it!
-There will be 2 races as mentioned, with 6 clans available for each race. Even if there are massive wars between the 2 races, the harmony between the 6 clans in each side isn't really that much better. Yes, there will be clan wars within each race!

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