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Jade Dynasty is one of the earlier free-to-play eastern MMOs to settle in North America. Featuring a unique martial arts system, based on the popular novel Zhu Xian, Jade Dynasty offers a wide variety of features and in-depth game systems.

Delve into a system where choices between good and evil begin to shape your game play experience as you obtain different skills, items and ultimately, a story that is unique to every player. Among the many great features, the classless character progression system allows you to focus on the skills you desire to create the ultimate warrior.


Diverse Skillsets: Instead of classes, players may choose their skills by choosing a faction. Between two races (Human and Athan) there are over ten factions, each with a specialized skillset to focus your talents.

Clans and Alliances: Join with other players in small group guilds called clans and work together with other clans in alliances to participate in large scale battles and more.

Ascension: Chase down immortality with the ascension system, which lets you 'rebirth' yourself and choose a new faction to champion.

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