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Journey to the West Online is based on one of the 4 Great Classic Novels of China literature of the same name. It tells the epic tale of Sun Wukong (Monkey King), Tripitaka, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing's journey from ancient China to Tian Zu (ancient India) to collect holy scriptures from Buddha himself. Demons, monsters, evil individuals are just some of the hardship they have to endure, not forgetting epic sea battle involving the Dragon King.
Why is it hot:
This game is the pride of China, I must say. Throughout the years, many MMORPGs have taken the storyline of Journey to the West and twisted it into something else, with none actually sticking to the real storyline. Journey to the West Online is the first ever 2D MMORPG using the novel as the setting. Players will get to visit all places mentioned in the novel, with none added nor removed.
Game features:
  • 6 clans for players to choose from, in which all are found in the novel.
  • Original storyline according to the classic novel.
  • 72 transformation system, just like how Monkey King does it. Players can collect various boss and monster cards to transform into.
  • Karma system. Players will start off as mere humans, but as they complete quests or kill mobs, their karma level will raise, becoming a fairy, a demi-god, and so on. Each level will grant players new unique skills.
  • Players will be able to choose to join one of the 6 “worlds”, which is actually countries. Even though players can visit other countries, there will be various PvP instances for them to grab the various rare loots

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