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Juggernaut Wars is a free to play 3D mobile MOBA developed by MY COM for iOS and Android where players can assemble their own party of unique heroes and leap right into the fray with them! 30 different heroes all have their own background, but now their stories have all converged in the Juggernaut Wars. Players will need to assemble their team of unique heroes to fight against fantastical creatures in campaign mode and even other players in PvP matches. Stunning visuals, numerous activities, and exciting abilities will not only have you returning to the Juggernaut Wars, but hoping they never end.


Unique Heroes: 30 unique heroes with their own set of abilities are available for you to form your hero team out of.

Entertaining Visuals: Beautiful scenery, stunning animations, and magic spells will fill your screen.

Beginner-Friendly Mechanics: Don't be afraid to pick up Juggernaut Wars if you're new to the MOBA experience. The game's simple mechanics and control-scheme will have you battling it out like a pro in no time.

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